Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dating Bucket List

So after watching the horribly corny and cliche-laden Kate and Will Lifetime movie, I realized that my dating life lacks memorable moments. So I've made a dating bucket list of all things I need to experience before I get married.

  • Meeting a guy and totally giving him the brush off but eventually becoming friends. Then one day he discovers how beautiful you are and you realize how sweet he is. It's the meet-cute.
  • A first kiss in the rain and/or a first kiss at night with soft twinkling lights. The movie utilized both.
  • Being sung karaoke to by a guy trying to win you or your forgiveness.
  • Saying I love you in front of a fire.
  • Breaking up in a car and then dramatically stomping away.
  • Being won back by a guy willing to embarrass himself, yet again in a dramatic way.
Which ones am I missing?

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