Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Benefits of Beer: Part II

So before you read this, you must promise not to tell my grandma. Promise? Okay, you can keep reading.

So after my huge success with killing snails via beer, my mom decided to give it a go. Feeling a little embarrassed, she grabbed a random can of beer at the store and took it the checker. It rang up up as six dollars. Now she's not too experienced at the price of beer but this seemed a bit extreme to her.

When she queried the clerk, it turned out she was being rung up for an entire six-pack. They sent a bagger back to grab another beer, but he returned with lite beer. By this time my mom was too embarrassed to request a non-lite beer (am I spelling that right?). She quickly paid for her beer and fled the store.

Long story short: snails (like men) do not drink lite beer. Now she has to go back for her second beer.

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  1. I think the funniest part is that a lot of lds act as if buying beer is the sin and what they do not to get caught buying it. My aunt has similar stories when buying Adult diapers for my grandmother.

    Next time hangout by the 7-11 and get someone to buy it for you like high school kids do.