Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Real Cost of Traveling

In honor of my upcoming trip to Vegas (if you have to turn thirty, why not do it in Vegas), I've compiled a list of things I've lost in the past year, most of which I lost while traveling.

Snow skis (Left next to my car at Solitude. What kind of person finds skis and doesn't take them to lost and found? You'll burn for that one.)

Drivers license (Lost and found in Disneyland, but not before I had to board a flight home. Thank you to the honest people of Disneyland.)

Pillow (Lost somewhere between my brother's house and my bedroom. Last seen in the passenger seat of my car.)

Favorite earrings (At the Jazz game and we didn't even win.)

Thumbdrive (No idea).

I'm curious to see what I don't come how with. What's the worst thing you ever lost?

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