Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Kind of Drunk Are You?

I've lived a fairly sheltered life when it comes to the party atmosphere. So I was quite pleased with myself when, while in Vegas, I attended a party where the police showed up. Granted, the party was a Mormon singles pool party and the police didn't actually knock on the door (they were parked outside), but still.

They stopped my friend and I as we were walking to the car about midnight. "Where you headed, ladies?" they asked us. We simply replied, home, and they wished us a good night. We were so hoping they would ask us if we'd been drinking, so we could laugh and explain that we were at the one party in Vegas that was alcohol free, and they picked the wrong party to stakeout.

I started wondering that night what sort of drunk would I be. Would I be the life of the party? Would I be the stupid one, always good for a laugh? Or, would I be the belligerent one?

I have to go with belligerent. Oh, I'd start out doing some embarrassing things and maybe even some cool things, but I'd turn angry fast. "None of your business where I'm going," I'd yell at the cops. "Walk your own line, jerk."

It's probably best I don't drink.

What kind of drunk do you think you would be?

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