Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding Balance in Skiing (and in life)

I teach three-year-olds how to ski and it took about a day to discover the most important element of their being able to ski is balance. If they can balance, they can learn how to stop, to turn, and to control. I wondered how this translated into adults and after one clinic I discovered and it's the same concept: balance is the foundation to all other skills.

It turns out I've been skiing off balance for a long time, which has hindered my ability to improve. In skiing, proper balance is achieved when you are centered over your feet without leaning too much to any direction. Though there are times when your balance might shift for a short period to compensate for conditions. This observation gave me the opportunity to wonder if I'm in balance in other aspects of my life.

A perfect balance in life means the same thing as it does in skiing. I tend to live my life like I ski: in the backseat. I lean back and don't commit myself fully to the upcoming turns and ups and downs. While it feels safer, it keeps me from fully experiencing and accomplishing and I prevented from doing anything with real skill.

Other people lean too far forward and find themselves tumbling at a too fast speed or an unexpected bump. Others lean from one side to the other, letting their skis ski them instead of their being in control.

What kind of skier do you think you are?

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  1. Ummm, I don't think I have a groove on the slopes yet. Does that count in my life too?