Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Procrastination, my favorite nemesis, is the reason so much of what I start is unfinished. (Distraction also takes some blame but that's another post.) To combat this last year, I set life goals, long term goals, and short term goals.

I wrote these goals in a book and then did nothing with them. After a few weeks of failed effort, I set weekly goals, written in a book that I carried with me. I could pull it out each day and check my progress. This worked for a few months but then a small book in a purse could be easily ignored.

Now each Sunday I write my goals for the week in black magic marker on a piece of paper that gets taped to my bathroom mirror. I am forced to face my successes or failures on a daily basis.

Some of my goals are part of larger goals and some are quick and easy things that I usually procrastinate (like call the dentist to make an appointment). Each week I get the joy of crossing things off my list and feeling accomplished. Some weeks the list is long, some the list is simply "Survive" (that was last's week).

Below is a list of big things I accomplished last year.

  • Have my first book be accepted for publication.
  • Compete in my first olympic triathlon without dying.
  • Become a ski instructor.
  • Ski black diamond powder.
  • Start a freelance business.
  • Slalom water ski.
What's on your list for 2012?

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