Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Parable of the Helmet

A few years ago I bought a ski helmet. It came with padding that covered my ears. But by the next season, one piece of padding kept slipping out. I'd keep stuffing it back in but within an hour it would work its way back. My left ear was constantly cold and sore.

I planned all sorts of ways to fix it from superglue to just buying a new helmet but by the time I'd get home at night I would forget about it. Each time I skied on a cold day I would cuss the thing. This Monday I put new goggles on my helmet and I figured while I had a few seconds I'd take a closer look while it wasn't on my head.

Turns out the piece of padding had snaps and I just needed to snap it back in place. Two years, I've been skiing cold and it only took ten seconds of thinking hard to fix it. Makes me wonder what other stuff in my life I've been ignoring that is also an easy fix.

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