Monday, March 5, 2012

Publishing My First Book

It arrived! My book arrived. Sisters is a guidebook for prospective sister missionaries and it is now in stores.

It's been a long process getting to this point. I started the book about a year after I returned from my mission because I noticed a lack of advice for sister missionaries. When I was trying to decide whether or not to go on a mission, the only talk I could find was from the 70s and advised among other things to sleep on a satin pillowcase to preserve your hairstyle and femininity. I figured the world could use an update.

I finished the book a few years later and sent it off to a few LDS publishers. Two immediately rejected it and a third, Covenant Books, never responded. I set it aside for a long time figuring it was dead in the water.

Last May, I attended a writers conference for LDS writers and Covenant was hosting pitch sessions. I thought, what the heck, and booked a session. The editor I spoke to didn't see much of a market for my book but said he would forward it on. I never thought I'd hear from him again. Then November, I got an e-mail saying they were publishing my book and it would be out in the spring. I was stunned. I had prepared myself for failure but never success.


  1. Congrats! That's sooo cool!

  2. Congratulations, Missy! Wonderful. Wiat a good idea. Wishing you lots of sales an continued success.

  3. It should be a must-read for any sister thinking about a mission.

  4. What is the publisher and where can I buy it? Your message above does not say.