Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Falling Off the Baptist Preacher's Porch

I saw a book called 101 Mission Stories You Won't Read in the Ensign, and I have to say, I wish that was the book I wrote. But since I didn't and in honor of the book I did write, Sisters, I am adding story 102.

The day started off poorly as I had to visit the emergency room after walking into pole (that's a story for another post). My companion and I stood on the porch with her knocking and me just behind her. Focused as we were on the door, we didn't hear anyone come around the side.

"Can I help you?" I spun around only to have my left foot step into air and the rest of my body follow. I pulled myself upright from the dirt, and said the only thing I could think of when he asked if I was okay.

"Yes, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

"Hi," the man replied. "I'm the minister at St. James Baptist church."

I wished him a nice day and walked away without checking to see if my companion followed. She did. The next house we knocked on had high concrete steps all labeled with spray paint that said, "Steep steps. Be careful." I filed that under information that would've been useful five minutes ago.

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