Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Volcanic Craters and Golf Courses

In my goal to share the lesser known but totally awesome spots in Utah, this week I visited the Homestead Resort in Midway.

It was the Deer Valley Employee Golf Tournament at the resort (it doesn't matter who won). And can I just say, I want money. My clubs were carried to my cart; I had a cart. There was snack lady circling the course and a computer in said cart, which advised me on how to take my shot. 

In addition to a spa and golf course, Homestead is home to the country's only volcanic crater/scuba diving spring. In the parking lot is the huge rock dome about forty-feet high (I'm guessing) with a hole through the top. Inside this crater bubbles up water from underground springs that through volcanic rock have reached a temperature of mid-nineties year round. The pool has a depth of sixty-three feet.

Homestead offers scuba diving equipment and lessons. For the less adventuresome, you can soak in the mineral-laden water. For the tired but happy golfers, you can simply walk inside and look around. Prices are posted on their website (looking around is free).

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