Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Massacre of Bugs at Antelope Island

I am on a quest to visit all the state parks in Utah. Antelope Island proved to be a fun surprise. No, it didn't smell; yes, it was full of bugs. It's also a great day trip that makes you feel a little like you're at the ocean.

Antelope Island is easy to access by taking the Antelope Drive exit in Layton and heading west until you run out of road. There's a marina, a campsite, a historic ranch, a visitor's center with restaurant, and lots of buffalo (maybe even a few antelope but I didn't see any).

We parked the car at the marina and biked to the ranch. The roads are a bit rough but traffic is scarce. The bugs weren't bad on the actual island and the sunset over the water was beautiful. We were able to get up close to buffalo without the tourist lines of Yellowstone.

After my successful jaunt to the ranch, I decided to bike across the causeway. I killed so many bugs with my chest that I had their blood smeared across my shirt. Mouth closed and head down was they way to go.

It wasn't until we drove back across the causeway that I massacred an entire species of mosquitos. I had to stop at the gas station on the other side to squeegee — not just my windshield — but my headlights. The light couldn't shine through.

This was June and apparently the best time to visit Antelope Island is April through early May — before the heat and the bugs set in and while everything is green. Fall is also a nice time to visit. 

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