Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lesson Learned from Dad

One of the most important lessons my dad taught me was that it's okay to get in trouble now and then. And for a girl who started life as the one who reminded the teacher we had a quiz, this was a much-needed lesson.

Dad taught us this by being our getaway driver for ding dong ditching, for giving us the idea to create a wall of sagebrush blocking the local roads, and getting thrown off the go-karts at the Fiesta Family Fun Park.

We were in St. George for a high school rodeo and at night several families went to the go-kart track. My dad and a couple of other dads hit the slick track wearing their wranglers and cowboy hats. After their allotted two minutes the operator flashed the red light for them to stop. The first dad, Randy, stopped. My dad, deciding he hadn't had enough, sped past him. The other dad, Jerry, figured he wasn't done yet either and sped past as well.

Randy decided he wasn't going to be the only fool stopped at the line so he gunned the gas and chased after them. I'm not sure how much longer they went around with the guy yelling at them to stop. The evening culminated in my dad calling the operator Bubba and telling him to relax and Bubba banning all three of them from the slick track.

I learned his lesson well and I got kicked off the go-kart track after smashing a few people into the wall. Some dads are the voice of reason, mine is the voice of crazy.

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